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Audit & product inspection experts

TOPWIN performs over 1000 inspections per month, covering all kinds of consumer products. We understand the specifications of a very wide range of products. Our product inspection experts operate in five teams: Amazon, Alibaba, E-bay, Furniture& homware, Electrical & Electronic products, Textile & bags, Footware, Sundries & stationery, Construction & Mechanical items, Toys, Juvenile & Premiums Products, Kitchenware, Sport Equipment, Glassware & Ceramics.

Product inspection expertise: the QC checklist

We have developed hundreds of product specific QC checklists. A checklist enumerates all potential defects of a given product and defines their gravity. It lists all possible check points for the given product and enables comparable results: because all of the defect definitions are provided, the inspectors perform quality control on the same advanced level of expertise.

Product inspection experts for preparation & follow-up

That's our strength and constitutes a substantial operational advantage. Our well trained supervisors enable rigorous preparation, strict supervision and detailed follow-up of each inspection. Each supervisor prepares and overseas just 6 product inspections per day. We are proud to say that this ratio is one of the lowest in the industry. The more time a senior supervisor spends on a project, the safer the sourcing!

The supervisor customizes the inspection template with all your specific requirements and specifications - so that the inspector always knows where to find the correct information. After the inspection, our supervisor carefully reviews the draft report and contacts the inspector in case of questions. This ensures our high reliability.

Expert inspectors and supervisors

  • Experts for all categories of products except food.

  • Specialized Full-time staff as our inspections.

  • Hired for their reliable character and on the following merits: university degrees, years of experience and previous positions.

  • Able to meet and exceed Western client high quality standards and expectations.

  • Team workers: we share experience among colleagues. During regular training sessions, weekly reviews, internal audits and even team building activities, we discuss and reflect on continuous improvement. Our unique team spirit allows collective learning and promotes trust between colleagues, making us more innovative and reliable as a company.

Thousands of different products are inspected each month among the following categories:



Cell Phones & Accessories

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Home & Kitchen

Luggage & Travel Gear

Cell Phones & Accessories

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Home & Kitchen

Luggage & Travel Gear


Consumer Electronics & Home Appliance  

Apparel &Textiles

Timepieces & Accessories

Construction &  Lights /  Furniture

Electrical Equipment & Components

Toys & Gifts

Sports & Bags

Shoes & Accessories


Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Consumer Electronics

Crafts, Gift Cards & Coupons

Dolls & Bears

Jewelry & Watches

Pottery & Glass

Sporting Goods

Toys & Hobbies

Furniture & Home ware

Bamboo & Wood Furniture

Baby & Children Furniture

Folding Furniture

Furniture Accessories

Glass / Metal & Plastic Furniture

Inflatable Furniture

Rattan & Wicker Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Electric & Electronic Products

Home electrical appliance

Personal care (Shaver, hairdryer etc.)

Audio & Video


Small electronic & Communications

Computers & Accessories


Cleaning Appliances

Textile & Bags, Footwear

Home Textiles


Adult, Children & Baby Garments

Bags & Luggage



Hats & Caps


Sundries & Stationery

Home wares


Building material

Packaging materials

Gifts & premiums

Hygiene and body care


Sports & Outdoors equipments

Construction & Mechanical Items

DIY Tools & Hardware

Building Materials


Injection, Molding

Metallic Products

Machinery Products

Toys, Juvenile & Premiums Products

Action Figure

Baby & Children Toys


Dolls & Plush Toys

Electronic Toys

Inflatable Toys

Light-Up & Noise Maker Toys

Outdoor Toys


Cooking Tools

Dining tools (Fruit plate / Chopsticks / Knife)

Cutting board

Coffee pot & Tea set


Ceramic cups & glasses

Sports Equipments

Fitness & Body Building Equipments

Outdoor Sports Equipments

Sports Gloves

Sports Souvenirs

Indoor Sports Equipments

Scooters & Skateboard

Glassware & Ceramics




Ceramic decoration

Ceramic bowl

Tableware plate

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