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TOPWIN's core service is Quality Control for consumer goods in Asia, which consists of Product Inspectionsand Factory Audits in Asia. While we do not personally do lab  testing, we can help you get your product tested as per international safety standards and mandatory norms.

Indeed, products' regulations, norms and requirements evolve quickly and are becoming more and more stringent for the buyer/importer. We thus act as your quality department to help you manage your product testing requirements when importing products from Asia.

Though we are not a laboratory, we have many accredited partners in China and in Asia (well equipped ISO 17025 certified laboratories) in order to efficiently and quickly manage your laboratory testing needs, no matter if you need physical, chemical or analytical testing for your goods.

Remember that as the importer you are the one legally responsible for any non compliance of your imported goods. Don't take any unnecessary risks and have your products tested for compliance with existing regulations before importing. Quality and Safety are indeed essential elements to consider and to verify when importing.

Also, it is important to remember that products' certificates provided by factories are usually not so recent and often not specific to your product (materials, design are often modified) and thus risky for you, the importer. The safest solution is testing  products from your production line.

*Why use TOPWIN for product testing?

  • You get invoiced directly by us in USD the discounted fee of the local accredited laboratory.

  • We usually get 10% to 30% discount on standard prices, so you benefit greatly.

  • We manage the whole process for you, allowing you to save time and money:

  • We identify your needs for product testing and certifications with the relevant accredited (CNAS, HKAS, UKAS etc) laboratories.

  • We gather samples (or pick up samples at factory if you have book an inspection with us).

  • We bargain for the testing fees with the laboratories and we usually get between 10% and 30% discount for you.

  • We pay the laboratory in advance to perform your test(s) in the local currency.The safest solution is testing products from your production line.

  • We only charge you $75 per testing project.

*Note that using TOPWIN to pick up your samples from the factory is very important and strategic. WHY?

Samples must be randomly selected in order to ensure that not only the selected samples comply with existing regulations but also that the mass production does! The danger of not having an independent third party to pick up the samples from the mass production is significant.


How do I book product testing with TOPWIN?

  • Be an existing client of TOPWIN.

  • Send us an email at with your extensive product description and specifications, along with illustrative pictures.

  • Once you will have approved the quotation, we will arrange the testing for you. Since there are hundreds of potential tests that could be done, and since some are mandatory, some are suggested and regulations are not the same per country and evolve quickly, this service is a tailor made service.

The objectives of Product Testing in a Laboratory are to:

  • Ensure the products you ship meet your requirements.

  • Ensure that pre-defined standards & requirements are properly established and followed.

  • Ensure the products you put on the market comply with local regulations and standards.

  • Avoid rejection of your products by customs & authorities in your country.

  • Protect the end user, your clients, and secure your business' image.

Some Product Testing examples:

Toys imported to USA must comply with the requirements of CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) and ASTM F963 (American Society for Testing and Materials). For one given toy, the tests to be done will depend on the materials used, the age of the potential children intended to use this toy and the country of importation.

Reach Compliance in Europe do concern most of the consumer goods and thus most of consumer goods importers are concerned with this regulation. However, the fees to pay for REACH testing do vary a lot among laboratories, especially since you can often group some materials together in order to lower the costs of your tests. Let us manage your testing and focus on your core business.

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