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What is the Extensive Factory Audit?

The Extensive Factory Audit (EFA) is usually performed before you intend to place an order with a new vendor. This factory audit is usually performed during two days. This factory audit is performed at your manufacturer's premises.

The added value of an Extensive Factory Audit

The Extensive Factory Audit follows the ISO 9000 standard and abides by the criteria of their norms. With this factory audit, you will be fully aware of the status of your business partner. If it's the first time you've worked with a factory, you want to work in a long term partnership or your products cannot be put in anyone's hands, you might need this factory audit. Trust is important but in business you need to know exactly who you are dealing with: a vendor, a factory or even a middleman.

Highlights of this factory audit service

  • Avoiding scams and inexperienced vendors

  • Compare potential vendors and select a viable source

  • Check the needed certificates and licenses for the specific factories

  • Check the experience of the factory in manufacturing targeted products

  • Get the full view of the factory structure, its organization, quality process and experience

What do we check during an Extensive Factory Audit?

The EFA will be completed by an experienced auditor, who will check the factory according to ISO 9000 standards. These checks include the full profile of your potential vendor / factory / manufacturer: 

 A. Factory Profile: name, contact details, licenses check etc.

 B. Employees and Workforce: management, QC, workers etc.

 C. Facility Check: office, equipment, production lines etc.

 D. Clients and Experience: trade history, samples check etc.

 E. Documents Verification:  licenses, certificates etc.

 F. Management System:

  • Design Control.

  • Purchasing Control.

  • Storage Management.

  • Incoming Inspection.

  • Production Control / Inspection / Testing.

  • Continual Improvement.

  • Social Environment Responsibility.

Why should I book this factory audit?

Because choosing the right partner is difficult and important. Assessing your vendor according to existing and recognized international quality standards is valuable.

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