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What is Production Monitoring?

You might want to be sure that the operators are well trained for your product but you don't have time to handle the Quality Control yourself. We can provide you a flexible solution, our Production Monitoring.

What do we check during Production Monitoring?

We check different production lines and manufacturing processes and will give advice to your vendor and factory while also checking the manufactured products.

Production Monitoring (PM) will take place during production. You are the one to choose how many man-days you want to allocate our Chinese inspector(s) per project.

The added value of Production Monitoring?

We help you to set up a manufacturing process. This service takes place after the Initial Production Inspection (IPI) and before the Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI). We send an inspector with a checklist of your needs or wanted improvements.

The Product Monitoring (PM) is possible all throughout the production process and you might need it after a failed inspection or right after 10% of the production is finished to get the production line in conformity with you standards.

Highlights of this quality control inspection service

  • Supervise your production

  • Get professional feedback on a daily basis

  • Understand what the factory's production and quality control processes are

  • Detect discrepancies early and implement necessary corrective actions

  • We check: materials, the condition of the machinery, the training of the operators etc.

Why should I book this quality control inspection?

If you want more frequent checks and feedback, Production Monitoring is right for you. Because you don't know what resources your vendor and factory will put into producing your orders, this is a great way to get constant feedback on the production process. Our Production Monitoring helps you to avoid unexpected costs and delays of defects and ensure that your production process is running smoothly.

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