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What is a Pre-Production Inspection?

The Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) is completed after the identification and the evaluation of your vendor / factory and right before the beginning of the actual mass production. It can be completed at the factory or at the vendor office. The aim of the PPI is to make sure your vendor has well understood your requirements and the specifications of your order and is prepared for its production.  

What do we check during a Pre-Production Inspection?

Raw materials and key components of your order, relationship between the factory and the vendor, understanding of your demands by the factory, samples, costs, production schedule and processes, in-house quality control checks and key persons from the vendor and factory (production manager, people who speak English etc). 

The added value of the Pre-Production Inspection?

The Pre-Production Inspection will help you to setup the preliminary production test to match the golden sample. By this inspection, you will get a clear vision of the production schedule and get ahead of any possible incoming problems, which could affect the quality of your goods. Most of the time, the main reason for production issues and poor quality is not the know-how of the factory but rather the misunderstandings between you and the manufacturer which often come from culture and language differences. The Pre-Production Inspection will allow you to get past this communication gap and make sure both parties understand each other.  

Highlights of this quality control inspection service   

  • Is everything well prepared before the production starts?

  • Are my requirements and specifications (material, color, etc.) well understood?

  • Is everything ready before mass production?

  • We can help you implement corrective actions as soon as possible.

Is the factory well prepared to meet my expectations?  

Avoid unexpected delays and costs.Why should I book this quality control inspection?

As an international buyer, you are often facing poor communication. You want certainty, and you want to make sure your requirements are well understood. You want to make sure that the production will start efficiently with the right materials and the right processes. The pre production inspection will give you this peace of mind and is a great way to keep pressure on your vendors while showing your clients that you care.

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