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Factory Audits, Factory Assessments

1.The challenge

As the markets are being more and more competitive, retailers, importers and buyers need a healthy vendors pool and a reliable supply chain. But how to select the right vendor? How to control the improvement of your actual vendor? How to efficiently work with your Asian supplier in order to ensure better quality day after day? The Factory Audit Serviceswill help you to get the relevant information you need in order to securely do business with an Asian partner and to improve your collaboration.

2.The solution

In order to make sure that the selected factory has a real backbone to produce your type of goods and that the products will be made in good conditions, you should hire an independant and impartial quality assurance company such as TOPWIN in order to complete the right factory audit and assess the profile, capacity, know-how of your potential vendor. This due diligence should be systematically part of your quality assurance program.

Factory Audits are performed according to:

  • Recognized international quality standards, norms regulations

  • Client's requirements, specifications, criteria and instructions.

  • TOPWIN team expertise and experience in quality control.

  • TOPWIN Western common sense.

When are the Factory Audits services performed?

The Factory Audits should be performed when you have short listed several potential vendors.
The Simple Factory Audit is designed for buyers who want to quickly screen potential vendor(s).
The Extensive Factory Audit is designed for buyers who want to have a deeper assessment of its (potential) vendor profile, capacity and capability.

Where are the Factory Audits services performed?

The Factory Audits are done at the manufacturer's premises,ie: at the factory, while most people are usually in touch with sales office, buying offices or simple vendors and intermediaries like agents. The TOPWIN auditors can cover almost all of Asia, see our service coverage area for more information.

Please check each service in details: 

  • Factory Evaluation.

  • Extensive Factory Audit.

  • Corporate Social Audit.

Your benefits when booking our Factory Audit services:

  • Avoid scams and inexperienced vendors.

  • Know if you are dealing with a vendor or factory.

  • Check factory's experience in manufacturing the targeted product(s).

  • Get a list of your manufacturer's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Check if your chosen factory has the relevant and needed certificates and licenses.

  • Compare potential vendors and choose the right partner(s) who fits your needs.

  • Improve your collaboration with existing partners and factories.


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