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As an FBA seller, why you need third party inspection service?

If it’s your first time importing from China, then it’s no doubt that your first FBA experience can be scary. Imagine being in a foreign country and dealing with manufacturers you don’t know more about and are long-distance away. Well, it doesn’t have to be that difficult; you can still become a successful FBA seller without having to cover all those thousands of miles traveling to China.

Your main aim as an FBA seller is to get and sell high-quality products. Yes, without quality products, you stand no chance to succeed in this business. Damaged or poorly packed goods will result in a lot of returns leading to bad reviews and low sales in the end. As a result, your account may be suspended by Amazon and your business might collapse within a few months.

But how can you ensure that you meet the guidelines when buying goods from another country? Well, a reliable way is to board a plane to China so that you can be there to ensure everything is okay. But wait, is that feasible? No. the costs of transportation and accommodation might break your wallet, and you end up making less profit. A great option is to hire a product inspection company in China. This way, you cut the costs and have a peace of mind considering that the inspection is done by experts so nothing will be left out.

Besides, Amazon is more competitive today, unlike before. This means that a single bad review of your products can greatly damage your brand in many ways. To avoid such, you need to make use of the services from reputable companies such as TOPWIN Inspection that will check all the products ensuring that they meet Amazon FBA requirements.


Product inspection services provider in china

Although you can hire a product inspection company in your home country, it makes more sense to hire a company based in China. This way, any issues with the product be it major defects or minor damage on the goods can be rectified early before the products are shipped to Amazon.

Even if the products are manufactured by machines, mistakes are prone to happen since mistakes are not limited to manually manufactured goods. You can expect to find small defects on every order. Hiring an inspector will help to ensure that no manufacturing mistakes get to your customer. The inspection company ensures that only quality products are delivered for sell.

The objective of most manufacturers is to cut costs. As a result, they may end up using low-quality materials that don’t meet the Amazon FBA standards. To avoid this, make sure that you give the manufacturer proper instructions on the materials, measurements, and packaging that should be used in the manufacture. Also, hand the same information to your product inspection company so that they know what to check or test for.

Unlike other countries like the US, refunds and warranties can be rare in China. So, discovering the mistake late means that you the mistake might not be resolved soon enough. So, how do you ensure that you don’t waste time and money?

Here are some of the things that you should do:

· Inform the supplier that the products will be inspected and the AQL standard will be used.

· Don’t work with suppliers who don’t accept quality inspection

· Make sure you have a good contract agreement and a purchase order all the time

· Avoid paying the full amount until the inspection is done.

*Note: Most suppliers are reluctant and slow in response once they have received full payment. Withholding partial payment will give you more leverage which pushes them to respond quickly and fix the issues.

What Is FBA inspection?

This is types of inspection that is usually done as the last step of the supply chain after the products are packed and ready for shipment, Amazon has a comprehensive checklist of requirements that should be fulfilled before your products are accepted for sell on Amazon.

TOPWIN Inspection provide you with a stress-free Amazon FBA inspection ensuring that your products are not rejected by Amazon due to low quality or violation of the Amazon FBA guidelines.

What is Amazon FBA inspection checklist?

Once the production of your goods is finished, all products were packed into cartons, TOPWIN Inspection provide will send its experts specializing in Amazon FBA inspection to check your products and ensure they meet these requirements, and here are the checklist for tests and checks during the FBA inspection included:

· Checking the quality of products against customer’s requirements

· Confirms the products meet the specifications contained in the requirements

· Performing on site tests to confirm the quality of the products

· Checking the carton dimensions and weight to ensure that they meet the FBA requirements

· Proper labelling and marking are done on the products, i.e. Carton labels, suffocation labels, FNSKU labels, etc.

· Confirm that the packaging is done according to the Amazon FBA shipment requirements.



Types of Inspection Service

Here are different type of inspection service for FBA shipments:

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is concerned with detecting problems before goods are packed and ready for shipping, which makes the process easier and cheaper. Inspection companies usually offer 3 types of quality inspection:

Full Inspection (Defect Sorting Service)

The purpose of the Defect Sorting Service (DSS) is to sort out as many products as possible on known issues (ex: specific cosmetic defects, function problems, or packing imperfections, etc.) during the number of man-days allocated. Other checks will not be done during this inspection.

 About AQL Random Inspection

Samples are picked using AQL Sampling technique for reviewing.

While the full inspection will cost you more, it is the most reliable method. Think about this, a partial inspection is done, and out of the 100 products picked, 20 of them have defects. What does this mean? Chances are that there could be more products with defects as well.

When this happens, you can either accept the risk that 20 products out of the 100 pieces could be defective or top up the amount for a full inspection to be certain that the goods are of the right quality. Obviously, a sure bet is to conduct a full inspection. You can also review the entire quality control process, find out how the defects were made to tell if more products might be defective then make a decision.

Amazon FBA inspection report

What does the Amazon FBA Inspection report contain? The reports help in thoroughly checking the products to detect any defects against the comprehensive checklist that will be featured in the report. Each part of the report is usually backed by pictorial evidence that gives you a better understanding.

Main sections of the FBA inspection report include:

· Inspection remarks: gives a summary of the whole report

· Visual and Workmanship check section: checks the level of skills employed by the manufacturer in the production and bring to attention any matter of concern

· Quantity conformity section: reports on the quality of the products as compared to the customer requirements

· Product conformity section: shows the details of products and identifies any product quality issues that exist

· Amazon Label Requirements section: highlights any issues discovered with the labelling requirements in comparison with Amazon requirements

· Amazon Packaging Requirementshows any shortcomings found in the packaging of the products in comparison with Amazon requirements.

· On-site Test Section: contains the findings of the tests performed on the products.

· Measurement Section: reports measurement issues found in the products and whether they meet the customer’s specifications

· Carton Weight and Dimensions: highlights any issues discovered to do with cartons dimensions and weigh in comparison to Amazon FBA requirements

With these comprehensive reports that contain pictures, you will be able to solve any issues with the shipment on time, thus saving you money and time as well.

Amazon FBA inspection is an essential and crucial step for every Amazon seller before the products are ready for shipment. It enables you to detect any manufacturing mistakes early enough and resolve them before the products arrive at your customer’s hands. This, in turn, saves you money and time. It also enables you to build your brand by earning trust from customers and getting good reviews.


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