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How to Get Started

Your time is precious and valuable, you do NOT need to learn how to do the booking online, and that's our job. Whenever you need product inspection or factory audit services, please find the 5 easy steps to implement your product inspection / factory audit needs with TOPWIN:

Step 1.  Client compose product inspection/factory audit request with sufficient specification (PO/PI, packaging request, artwork / drawing, photo and checklist etc. if available) and supplier/factory contact information (email box and phone number are a must) in an email.

Step 2.  Client sent email to your Customer Service Executive or/and Account Manager directly (please kindly note 2 working days prior the inspection/audit date required).

You only  need run step 1 & 2, TOPWIN team will do rest for you.

Step 3.  You Customer Service Executive or/and Account Manager will quote to you for your approval about final inspection/audit cost and sample sizes (inspected quantity).

Step 4.  After you confirmed quotation, our team will contact your supplier/factory to fill booking form and book the inspection/audit; and we will keep a posted to you for integrated inspection/audit procedure if any change and delay.


Step 5.  Inspection/audit will be implemented according to confirm inspection/audit date and the inspection/audit report should be available on next working day (within 24hours).

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