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Environmental Audit

The Environmental Audit (EA) should be performed to ensure that you are doing business with factories in which environment regulations and international environment standards are respected. The Environmental Audit in China and Asia assesses a factory as per ISO 14001.

What is the benefit of an Environmental Audit?

Our experienced and certified ISO 14001 auditors will check the factory's environmental management system according to international standards and the ISO 14001 recognised standard.
We have a protocol but we can follow your requirements to go further in the “environmentally friendly” specifications.

The environmental audit in China and Asia will verify that your supplier's systems recognise and comply with environmental laws and regulations. It would also enhance your image by being environmentally compliant, more responsible and more trustable.

What do we check during an Environmental Audit?

  • Environmental Policy

  • Definition of the environmental aspects related to manufacturer activities

  • Legal requirements compliance

  • Environmental objectives and program

  • Noise

  • Handling and storage of chemicals

  • Waste and Wastewater disposal

  • Air pollution

  • Resource consumption

  • Emergency preparation

Following an environmental audit in China and Asia, we issue a Corrective Action Plan, explaining the required improvements and corresponding timetable to the factory. Our approach is pragmatic and efficient.

Why should I book an Environmental Audit?

Dealing with a vendor who is not complying with basic international environmental laws is dangerous.

Showing your business partners and community that you are environmentally responsible and starting a proactive sustainable procurement approach could be valuable for you and your clients. A communication campaign denouncing environmental effects and production condition of your factory could be devastating for your brand.

Highlights of this Audit service:

Performing an environmental Audit in China and Asia will allow you to:

  • Avoid bad factories: dangerous working conditions, pollution, not complying with legal requirements.

  • Start a proactive approach of sustainable development.

  • Know from how far is your vendor from the ISO 14001 certification.

  • Compare potential vendors and choose the right one.

  • Show your client(s) you care.


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