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What to Expect with TOPWIN

If you choose to work with us, here’s what you can expect:

  • Simplicity – If something simply can’t be done, we will tell you and explain why. If it can be done, we’ll tell you what it takes.

  • Organization – There is constantly updated throughout the entire process. You will always know exactly what step we’re working on, what is going on with your inspection and what we need from you.

  • Communication – You’ll have one dedicated and experienced account representative, completely accountable to you. Our representatives have the experience and skills to determine exactly what it will take to make your inspection. You’ll be able to speak with your representative via email and over the Skype, What’s app, assuring you easy access to consult about any aspect of your order at any time. We are here for you.

  • Involvement – Your involvement is entirely up to you. Clients who prefer a more hands-on approach will receive constant updates at every step of the process. Or, let us spare you the insignificant minutiae so you have more time to focus on the big picture.

Value-added services

  • How to select a legal and reliable supplier/factory
    If you find more suppliers/factories, how to determine they are legal and reliable. It is perfect way to do a supplier/factory audit, but the cost is high. Your account representative will provide a Target supplier/manufactory Survey Questions to you and ask your supplier/factory to fill, and our inspector will check them when inspection. We will report them to you. 

  • How to draft a perfect contract with supplier/factory (only quality part of contract)
    Some sellers or new sellers are missing quality inspection request in contract. There are too many argue with factory about quality request when they was missed in contract. Your account representative will suggest more professional request for your reference to present arguments.  

  • You'll get a factory tour video from our inspectors.
    Do you want to know what's real status of your supplier/factory that worked with you? Do you want to establish long term cooperation with this supplier/factory? Our inspector will take a fully video to you for reviewing if factory agreed before you make decision.


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