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Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) for Inspections

How are TOPWIN product inspections performed?

TOPWIN Inspection performs product inspections services according to:

  • Recognized international quality standard for product inspections: ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003), also known as the AQL Tables, unless another standard is requested by the client.

  • Client's requirements, specifications, criteria and instructions.

  • TOPWIN team's expertise and experience in quality control.

  • TOPWIN Western common sense.

What do we inspect during an inspection?

  • The quantity produced (semi finished, finished and packed)

  • The visual appearance (cosmetic check of the mass production)

  • Performance & function tests

  • workmanship

  • Assembly

  • Accessories

  • Material

  • Colours & Logo

  • Size & Measurements

  • Weight

  • Assortment

  • Carton Condition

  • Barcode scan test

  • The labeling and marking

  • The packing and packaging

  • Shipping marks

  • Container inspection

What quality standards do we use for product inspections?

Based on the acceptable quality limit sampling size chosen from the AQL tables we carefully ensure to select production samples randomly. We inspect the samples and classify the defects into critical, major and minor defects. We use detailed product checklists for these definitions - our clients are invited to make amendments.
According to the number of defects found for each type, we will advise you to accept or to reject your shipment.

Then you make your own decision based on the detailed report we have provided to you so you can discuss the findings with your vendor ask him to rework/re-produce/sort out the defective products.


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